Photo of Owen Hawkes from SMU

At the persecution trial to bankrupt the 3 WP MPs yesterday (Oct 11), the ruling party prosecution witness KPMG director Owen Hawkes said that it does not matter that there is no aggrieved party or even if the residents are satisfied with the work done by the opposition-held town council. The haughty Caucasian said he is “done with flogging the same horse” and repeated that that he is not satisfied from his perspective:

“I am done flogging the same horse. The job of a managing agent does not end with fulfilling the needs of residents. From the residents’ point of view, it is that lifts work, streets are clean, walls are painted. But from the perspective of governance of the town council, financial reports and financial controls are vital.”

KPMG then took issues with a S$250,000 invoice, claiming that there is no financial control despite being presented with documents signing off the work done. Deliberately ignoring and dismissing the evidence, KPMG insisted there is no “active testing in practice”.

Hired by the ruling party dictatorship, accounting firms KPMG and PwC are taking the prosecution witness stand in the civil suit to charge the 3 Opposition MPs of corrupting S$33 million in town council payments, which they alleged as “improper”.

The General Election is expected to be called after the trial, giving the ruling party ample opportunity to smear the opposition and charge them of corrupt practices.