Photo of Workers Party at Aljunied Town Council

Right after losing the constituency in the 2011 General Election, the ruling party PAP-controlled software company, AIM, stole the town council’s management software and sabotaged the town council. Left in ruins and missing heaps of vital town council management information, the opposition party MPs and its managing agent, FMSS, had to work tirelessly to create new data for their newly-won constituency:

“The software that was sold to AIM was integral for recording management matters and financial documentation. Mr Loh, Ms How and FMSS worked tirelessly to upscale the Hougang SMC software to suit a GRC, receiving no remuneration for this work. It is the case that in all these audit reports the plaintiffs have failed to recognise the predicament that AHTC was in.”

According to the court hearing, the PAP-appointed auditors – KPMG and PWC – also deliberately left out this information in their scathing report, in order to portray the opposition party negatively:

“Despite this, AHTC was subjected to continuing audit from 2012 to 2016. During the early part of this period, AHTC was still in the process of upscaling the computer system. And yet, no one, not even KPMG or PwC, mentions this withdrawal of this vital TCMS and its effects…Seen in this context, the plaintiffs’ exaggerated allegations that conflicts of interest were inherent in the FMSS contracts is totally without merit.”

The defence lawyer also revealed that the WP MPs were wrongly prosecuted for criticisms made in audit reports claiming that the MPs made falseful payments, and not over the actual fact that every process was accounted for:

“It is very unusual that both lawsuits are based on audit reports and not facts. We intend to challenge the accuracy and the correctness of these audit reports.”

Three Workers’ Party MPs – Sylvia Lim, Low Thia Kiang and Pritam Singh – have been prosecuted by the ruling party-controlled “independent panel” for misappropriating S$33 million in town council payments. The civil suit came after the police cleared the opposition party of any wrongdoing. Instructed by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the trial is expected to bankrupt the 3 WP MPs and unseat them from Parliament – winning the constituency back without holding an election.