Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from NDR youtube video

In the lawsuit to bankrupt the 3 opposition Workers’ Party MPs, the PAP-controlled “independent panel” hired Lee Hsien Loong’s favourite top dog Davinder Singh as the leading prosecutor.

Davinder Singh is the Lee dictatorship’s favourite lawyer, and he has been literally “invincible”, winning all of his cases for the government. The senior counsel lawyer was most recently hired for the defamation lawsuit of Roy Ngerng, a CPF blogger who exposed the Prime Minister’s corruptions in 2016. PM Lee Hsien Loong won the case in a default judgement in the Singapore Court with the blogger made to pay S$150,000. In 2010, Davinder Singh also led the defamation suit against the New York Times – which he also won in the Singapore Court. Outside of the Singapore Court, Davinder Singh appear to have no such “invincibility” overseas as he picks only local cases.

At the hearing yesterday, Davinder Singh launched scathing attacks accusing the WP MPs for corruption and negligence. The lawyer rode the moral high horse and charged that the people’s money has been abused due to “an egregious and cavalier misuse of public funds and a complete and reckless disregard of duty to protect residents’ monies”.

The lawyer also attacked the opposition town council’s managing agent, FMSS, as a vehicle for the Opposition’s corruption. Davinder Singh alleged that the company was created to enrich the WP MPs and their “cronies”.

The truth was that the opposition party, after winning the first GRC from the ruling party in 2011, was left without support from the former managing agent. The former general manager of the GRC stepped up and volunteered to create a company to ensure that town council services do not get disrupted. A tender for the accounting software was called for, but there was no taker as Singapore vendors were afraid of offending the dictatorship by helping the opposition-held town council.