Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook

If the WP MPs are responsible for the S$33 million payment made to keep the constituency services undisrupted, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong should similarly be brought to court when his Ang Mo Kio GRC saw a S$23 million corruption happening under his nose.

In the two years from 2014 to 2016, the general manager of Ang Mo Kio GRC received over S$107,000 in bribes from his crony contractors – and Lee Hsien Loong proclaimed that he knows nothing about this. How unbelievable. Wouldn’t the WP MPs simply be allowed to walk away saying “I don’t know” like Lee Hsien Loong did?

There is however a difference though, and it is that the Ang Mo Kio GRC’s case warrants a greater accountability as actual sums were corrupted, whereas the opposition town council cleared the police’s investigations and third-party audits.

If the WP is culpable for “egregious and cavalier misuse of public funds” – as top dog Davinder Singh tongue-twisted it – Lee Hsien Loong himself would have committed grand theft on a national scale and the abuse of government organs to immune himself. How is Lee Hsien Loong accountable to Ang Mo Kio GRC residents’ corrupted S$23 million then? Nope, nothing happened to the dictator, no “independent panel” asked him to be accountable. Lee Hsien Loong walk free a happy man drawing 9.3 months in bonuses.

How about Lee Hsien Loong be prosecuted for GIC losing tens of billions, since the losses were made under his chairmanship? How about his wife losing tens of billions in Temasek Holdings then? How about the Transport Minister and the CEO of SMRT be made responsible for train breakdowns?

The truth is painfully obvious: this is the PAP’s indigenous way to win a constituency without an election. When the police and independent auditors refused to recommend or press prosecutions against the WP MPs, the corrupted regime is still powerful enough to lodge a civil suit, bankrupt their targets and unseat them from the Parliament.

The persecution of the WP MPs is legal corruption at work. If Singapore’s democracy is working, Lee Hsien Loong should be jailed by now but everyone knows the little island is under control from Lee Hsien Loong’s dictatorship.

Alex Tan
STR Editor