Photo of Lee Hsien Loong with new citizens from Straits Times

Speaking at a citizenship ceremony last Sunday (Sep 23), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong invalidated the decades of hard work by local citizens and alleged that foreigner immigrants built Singapore instead:

“Singapore’s history and success were built on the backs of immigrants from near and far – people who worked hard for a living and decided to make this place home – new citizens’ stories will add to Singapore’s.”

The dictator Prime Minister who siphon CPF funds for overseas investments then urged the new citizens to join his ruling party-affiliated People’s Association (PA) grassroots community:

“Be active citizens and involved in our GRC communities. Work with other Singaporeans, care for one another, so that together, we can make this an endearing home for all, for generations to come.”

Singapore’s new citizenship data is not publicly available, as the ruling party is worried that Singaporeans would be outraged by the number of new citizenship given out each year.

New citizens enjoy major benefits not enjoyed by local-born citizens. One such advantage is that all males new citizens are excused from National Service conscription, even when they are of active and healthy bodies under the age of 40 – the prevailing reservist age for Singaporean males. Rich foreigners like Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and China actor Jet Li also enjoy lucrative tax breaks by picking up the Singapore citizenship, while continuing to settle themselves in their home countries.

New citizens is a key election leverage for the ruling party dictatorship, who naturally vote for the incumbent out of gratitude. Most come from third world countries in Asia like China, India and Philippines, who came to Singapore on employment visas. Many admire Singapore’s infrastructures, as compared to their third-world cities and villages, and readily express their appreciation for the ruling party incumbent. With many of them having grown up in dictatorships like China and corrupted regimes like Malaysia, most do not support democratic values or the concept of free election.

About 20,000 new citizenship are given out each year, translating to about 100,000 guaranteed votes for the ruling party each 5-year election.