Photo of North Korea parade from pinterest

Expressing his admiration for North Korea’s dictatorship, PAP MP Tan Wu Meng said that he is deeply impressed with the North Korea dictatorship and their peoples’ “diligence and discipline”. Posting on his Facebook page, the ignoramus S$192,000-a-year PAP MP said that he attended North Korea’s 70th founding anniversary last week, and commented that he liked the North Korea’s national parade:

“What left a deep impression was the diligence and discipline of the DPRK people, which was particularly evident from the organisation and choreography of the official Parade and the separate Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance, involving tens of thousands of people. There is certainly potential for the DPRK to achieve more in an environment of peace.”

Unbeknown to the PAP MP, North Korea is a ruthless dictatorship which heavily punishes its citizens for behaviour not conforming to the regime. Earlier in April this year, the out-of-touch PAP MP was punched in the face by an angry resident.

Like North Korea, the Singapore dictatorship under Lee Hsien Loong actively censors and prosecute individuals for criticising the government. Under his leading hound Law Minister K Shanmugam, the PAP dictatorship legislate heavy penalties like having a 3 year jail sentences for posting any information the government deemed as “fake news”.

Aside from having the usual censorship on daily newspapers and tv programs, the internet and social media profiles in Singapore is also heavily monitored. Earlier in March this year, the nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was prosecuted and summoned to face “contempt of court” charges for posting on his Facebook page – on private settings -criticising the court as “pliant” to the government.