Photo of Chan Chun Sing from Straits Times

Minister Chan Chun Sing has just proposed a new election law legislating that no recount is required even when voting slips are missing before they are counted. According to the new law amendment proposed by the former army general yesterday (Sep 10), the number of votes lost must be “enough to sway election result” for a recount to be allowed.

The PAP millionaire minister, along with several others, proposed 30 new changes to the existing election laws and expected them to taking changes before the coming General Election due on 2021.

Setting up more red tapes to make contesting an election harder for members of the public, a new proposal ban cash transactions for paying electoral deposits even when 20% of the deposits were paid for in cash last election. Saying it is “more convenient”, the PAP government also gave themselves more leeway, by doing away with the submission of receipts for election expenses, and requiring the receipts be kept for an amount of time and allowing them to be checked.

The PAP government also created a new proposal banning political participation of students in secondary school level and below, undischarged bankrupts and foreigners. It will be an offence if anyone in the group criticise the government as it “prejudice the electoral prospects of another political party”.