Photo of Lawrence Wong from Today

After failing to convince Singaporeans over the rental nature of HDB leasing, Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong threatened legal actions against those who insist that HDB is not home ownership. Speaking at a housing forum yesterday (Sep 4), Minister Lawrence Wong declared opposing opinions as illegal:

“There have been allegations going around. It is factually and legally wrong to suggest that Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat buyers do not own their units, but are simply renting them. There is no basis to such a claim. While all feedback and views about the issue were welcome, the debate must always be based on facts, not misinformation and half-truths…These facts are clear… the law is very clear… and it’s important to set the record straight.”

The S$1.1 million-a-year PAP Minister hinted that he intend to use new laws governing fake news to arrest his critics, and anyone who refuse to agree with the government. Under existing laws, those who share fake news will be jailed up to 3 years and fined S$10,000.

In the recent weeks after Lee Hsien Loong’s poorly-delivered National Day Rally speech, Singaporeans have been demanding for the ruling party to explain why HDB housing will depreciate to zero value at the end of the lease when the government claimed it is ownership. The ruling party government was stumped and have been unable to explain on the question over ownership and rental. Failing to give a logical explanation, more Singaporeans started throwing the same ownership question in every public forum held – much to the embarrassment and irk of the ruling party MPs.

Despite running weeks of state propaganda on the HDB issue, most Singaporeans remain unconvinced that HDB housing is an appreciating asset or ownership.