Photo of Surgeon Koh Poh Koon from straitstimes

Speaking to state media reporters after a forum with ruling party supporters, Senior Minister of State Koh Poh Koon said it is “heartwarming” to hear Singaporeans complain about the HDB lease model:

“I think the questions that were asked are quite relevant, and reflective of the concerns on the ground. To me, it is quite heartwarming to know that actually there are people who are looking at the longer term of Singapore as well, not just the here and now.”

According to government propaganda feedback unit REACH, the Minister Koh Poh Koon and PAP MP Sun Xue Ling were bombarded with questions over the depreciating value of HDB with many demanding an explanation from the government.

A 61-year-old elderly said that he and his friends believe HDB value will appreciate forever and could not believe that the government will confiscate the HDB housing at the end of lease. The ruling party supporter said he needed more “explanation” over the “nature” of the 99-year lease:

“I wanted to give feedback that the authorities should do more to explain the nature of the 99-year HDB lease. Many people still think the value of HDB flats will not fall no matter how long they hold onto it.”

When interviewed by the media over the HDB lease, PAP MP Sun Xue Ling, a crony director at Temasek Holdings, dodged the question saying the questions are “very helpful”:

“You can see everyone was very enthusiastic… there is a lot of interest in the topics, because these deal with a lot of issues that are close to people’s hearts. Such dialogues were very helpful. It gives us an opportunity to listen to feedback and identify what are areas that people are most concerned about.”