Photo of vandalists from Facebook

Former chief editor of propaganda state media Straits Times, Han Fook Kwang, wrote an article last Sunday (Aug 26) revealing that more young Singaporeans now have no respect for the PAP million dollar ministers.

Han Fook Kwang, currently an “editor-at-large” with Straits Times, recounted an opinion piece from a doctor who wrote in to the government newspaper. According to the doctor, poor Singaporeans facing problems paying medical bills have become increasingly vocal against the S$53 million PAP government:

“Earlier this month, a doctor, who said he meets people from different backgrounds in his clinic, wrote to this newspaper that the feedback he gets from them about the Government has been “far from encouraging”. “It is further aggravated when ordinary folk who are struggling to make ends meet conclude that those in authority lack empathy and that those making policies do not understand the sentiments on the ground,” he said.”

The former propaganda writer wrote that the doctor was also taken aback by the younger generation of Singaporeans who openly disrespect and swear vulgarities at the ruling party leaders:

“I am also concerned about the responses of the younger generation, who pepper their comments with vulgarities, showing little respect for the office of those who are given the responsibility to govern.”

Han Fook Kwang then called for the government to ramp up on propaganda effort to convince the public of their legalised corruptions like the racist Presidential Election and the GST increase:

“I would say it has to do a much better job explaining to and persuading the people. I do not think it has done so convincingly enough. The souring ground needs to be addressed because it colours people’s perception of the Government and how they react to the next contentious issue. This is what happened over the ministerial salary controversy. It lit a fire because the ground was already testy.”