Photo of elderly from Facebook

According to state media Straits Times on Friday (Aug 24), the number of medical subsidies recipients under the Community Health Scheme (CHAS) have grew five times since 2012 to about 1.3 million Singaporeans.

The statistic also revealed that the 1.3 million Singaporeans are living in poverty. Under the CHAS eligibility requirement, the household monthly income per person has to be below S$1,800, or living in a 3-room flat and below for those who are unemployed. There is no poverty line set in Singapore as the government believe the publication will embarrass the rich country.

In the press release by Ministry of Health, S$154 million of the CHAS government fund were spent in 2017. The spending fell 8.8% from S$169 million in 2016, which effectively nullify the propaganda lie by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that healthcare spending is rising. The CHAS expenditure decrease in 2017 also follows a 7.2% reduction in Medifund expenditures in 2016.

To cover up his loss-making overseas investments, dictator Prime Minister has been using healthcare and housing as excuses to raise taxes, pushing the bulk of his tax increases onto the ageing population. In 2021, the GST tax revenue will increase by 28%, that would see a further S$3.6 billion a year in the government’s pockets. However, the tax raised may not be enough as Lee Hsien Loong and his wife Ho Ching are seeing losses in the range of tens of billions from their failed overseas investments under GIC and Temasek Holdings.