Screenshot from Youtube video

To salvage his declining popularity, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong replayed videos of his deceased father’s election rallies at his National Day Rally speech on Sunday (Aug 19). The dictator Prime Minister addressed his father Lee Kuan Yew as “the founding father” and cried (again) during his speech on the Merdeka Generation.

Lee Hsien Loong said his father, himself and his generation of those born in the 1950s suffered hardships during Singapore’s early nationhood:

“The Merdeka Generation lived through the tumultous years of the 1950s and early 1960s as Singapore first struggled for independence from the British till it gained full independence in 1965. Singapore politics was fiercely fought, over different visions of the colony’s future. In 1959, Singapore gained internal self-government, one big step towards independence. For those born in the 1950s, these were indelible, formative experiences that shaped them for life. Although they were too young to take part in the events of those years, most were old enough to sense the electricity in the air, to share the excitement of the changes, to feel the hope of a brighter tomorrow. They heard the rallying cry of Merdeka: Liberation, freedom, independence. One word that expressed the determination and passion, the ambitions and aspirations, of a people who were roused and on the march… They accepted hardships, made sacrifices, answered the call of duty, and worked with their leaders to build a better tomorrow”

After giving the rousing speech, the S$2.2 million-a-year dictator Prime Minister said in return for their suffering, he will deposit S$100 in their CPF Medisave first and announced a “Merdeka Generation Package” that, again, consists of untouchable CPF top-ups:

“500,000-odd Singaporeans, born between 1950 and 1959, currently get $100-$200 in annual Medisave top-ups. But a Medisave top-up is not the same as the Pioneer Generation package. We have not forgotten this group… Like the Pioneers, the Government will help them with outpatient subsidies, Medisave top-ups, MediShield Life premium subsidies and payouts for long-term care. But the benefits will not be as large as those offered to the Pioneer Generation, since those from the Merdeka Generation are generally better off than their seniors. Details of how much they will get will be announced later, but a significant sum has been set aside for them.”

Lee Hsien Loong then turned the National Day Rally speech into his political party campaign speech and poured praises for his father:

“Seldom have people been more roused than on June 3, 1959, when the then newly-elected Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew told a huge rally crowd at the Padang: “Once in a long while in the history of a people, there comes a moment of great change. Tonight is such a moment in our lives… We begin a new chapter in the history of Singapore.”