Photo of train fault at Lakeside from Twitter

Singapore’s former army general-turned-millionaire CEO Neo Kian Hong went into hiding at his very first major train breakdown on Tuesday (Aug 14). According state media reports, train service between Queenstown and Tuas Link was unavailable for more than half an hour from 7.08pm to 7.40pm due to a power fault.

Train-replacement bus services were also unavailable from Queenstown to Lakeside, resulting in severe overcrowding in train platforms. Commuters complained of delayed and inaccurate announcements from SMRT, which led to several thousands blindly waiting for trains.

Throughout the major breakdown, SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong was unavailable despite promising “reliable services” a few days before during a press conference. The military crony who has zero working experience in the private sector and railway business had earlier tried a publicity stunt by claiming that he had sold off  his car to “understand public transport”.

Prior to Neo Kian Hong’s appointment was former Chief of Defence Force Desmond Kuek. The military crony screwed up the public transport operator while drawing more than S$1.8 million a year in salaries for 5 years. When the Lee Hsien Loong-crony left SMRT, the company reported its first financial year losses of S$86 million since inception. During his appointment, Desmond Kuek imported several former military colonels to be heads of departments in SMRT. His successor Neo Kian Hong adopted the same nepotism management and recently put two colonels as senior management.