Photo of train crowd from CNA

Speaking at the state media conference yesterday (Aug 13), SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong said that he has bought 12 new trains with tip-up seats to “maximise standing space during peak hours”. The former army general with no railway-sector experience said the seats will be tipped up during peak hours and placed down only during off peak hours. Passengers will have no control over the seats.

The move is poised to squeeze 20% more passengers per cabin, worsening the state of overcrowding in public trains. Fare revenue is expected to jump a further 15% as passenger density per cabin increases.

Photo from Straits Times

Enraged Singapore commuters are however prepared to counter the profit-maximising government policy by sitting on the ground or refusing to fill the gap during peak hour period.

Singapore’s corrupted PAP regime is currently in undisclosed billions of debt due to it overstretching budget on fanciful pet projects of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The dictator PM wanted to build more billion-dollar playgrounds like Garden By the Bay to his name before stepping down, with the current plan being the Terminal 5 and Tuas Mega Port. Both projects have undisclosed budget, as the Singapore government refuse to disclose how much debt it has undertaken to fund the projects.

According to a budget estimate by States Times Review, Terminal 5 cost a minimum S$30 billion with over half of its pricing being land costs. The tens of billions in land cost funding will reroute to GIC, where Lee Hsien Loong sits as Chairman. The dictator Prime Minister has never once disclose his bonuses and remuneration he received for his chair position at the sovereign wealth fund company, estimated to be managing S$450 billion of assets.