Photo from Factwire

According to the Land Transport Authority, state-owned transport operator SMRT has placed 11 repaired trains that were returned to China in 2016 back on the tracks. The authorities admitted that the faulty trains were delivered in 2013, and the defects were found some 3 years later only in 2016.

Back in July 2016, the government tried to return the trains secretly to China but the entire operation was recorded by a Hongkong-based media with an air drone. The news was then exposed to the public, which SMRT eventually admitted that the trains were indeed for return to China.

The made-in-China trains were then repaired in China and then returned to Singapore in 2018:

“Eleven defective SMRT trains have been repaired and returned to Singapore. In 2016, 26 trains that were made in China had defects on them. At that time, engineers discovered that the trains had cracks in the structure connecting the car body and the bogie after they were delivered in 2013. The bogie is part of the undercarriage where the wheels are attached.”

According to LTA, ten of the trains have been put in passenger service and the last one is still undergoing testing. Two trains are still in China, which the authorities did not give a date when would they be returned. Giving their assurance, the LTA said the trains in operation have been good so far:

“Together with SMRT, LTA has been closely monitoring the condition of these trains, and there have been no defects detected since.”