Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from propaganda video

Drawing S$2.2 million-a-year, corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day speech openly lied that living in Singapore is affordable. The Singapore dictator said he has always helped the poor manage the cost of living:

“In Singapore, we ensure that these key public services are both of high quality and affordable for all Singaporeans, rich or poor. This is how we have helped families to manage their cost of living, and given an extra hand to those who need it. For more than five decades, this approach has worked well.”

PM Lee Hsien Loong then continued to sing praises about affordability and how cheap child care and medical services are in Singapore:

“Education, healthcare, and housing policies come together for the residents in a tangible and holistic way. The childcare centre is one of many that have opened across Singapore in the past few years to increase the number of pre-school places so all children are offered the same opportunities to have a good start in life. The medical centre, meanwhile, is one of many new upcoming community healthcare facilities which will bring quality care to people where they live. These services will always be affordable.”

The PM who draws an undisclosed salary as the Chairman of GIC managing HDB revenue, said that Singaporeans do not have to worry about the HDB lease because 99 years is “many years to run”:

“Though the leases still have many years to run, we should think ahead about how we can keep older estates in good living condition, and also start to redevelop them, in order to build new homes and towns for future generations.”

Lee Hsien Loong then ended his speech saying he wants to build more fanciful projects like Terminal 5, which cost an estimated S$30 billion. Despite being heavily burdened in debt, the Prime Minister indicated that he will continue to spend more money and called for Singaporeans to support his ruling dictatorship:

“The work of building Singapore for the next 50 years will be a massive, long-term undertaking, lasting more than a generation. To sustain this project, we will need a strong economy and sound government finances. Most importantly, we need social cohesion, political stability, and good government for many years to come, in order to carry out and realise our vision.”