Screenshot of Tony Tan from NDP video

Former President Tony Tan has been awarded the highest National Day award for his complete submission to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his term as president. When he was President, the long-time crony of Lee Hsien Loong allowed the corrupted dictator to have free access to the national reserves and CPF funds.

Lee Hsien Loong, who double-hat as Chairman of GIC, then raided the reserves and CPF funds, posting undisclosed losses in tens of billions US dollars at the sovereign wealth fund company. Tony Tan was the ideal puppet president for Lee Hsien Loong, as the latter endorsed and even abused state resources like the NTUC to rally support for his election in 2011.

Tony Tan was however poorly received by the public, barely winning only 35.20% of the votes. The President was then hurled abuse by the public, with notorious taglines like “KFC man” and “useless president”. The former PAP Minister’s poor election result triggered Lee Hsien Loong to openly intervened in the subsequent Presidential Election in 2017, through the disqualification of opponent contestants and allowing his choice of candidate Halimah Yacob a walkover win.

At his award presentation yesterday (Aug 9), Tony Tan waxed lyrical about being “humbled and greatly honoured” even though he received it through cronyism.

There were 4,632 National Day recipients over 23 categories including impromptu ones created by the Prime Minister like Military, Police, Pedra Branca case and US-DPRK summit. All recipients are either civil servants or cronies with business links with the ruling party dictatorship.