Photo of CJC from foursquare

At the peak of her anger telling off students over absenteeism, Catholic Junior College’s vice-principal Yue-Chang Teck Hui revealed her closet discriminatory nature saying that her school is unlike neighbourhood secondary schools, where most students have family issues.

The offensive remark was later widely shared on Facebook by a student present at the auditorium. The low-tier JC, attended by mostly rich students but with poor results, saw more than 150 students absent without medical certificates or a letter of explanation.

According to CJC’s spokesperson, the principal only corrected the comment only much later in the scolding session. No student or teacher spoke up when the discriminatory comment was made. Principal Phyllis Lim told state media Straits Times that she has warned her students to “use social media responsibly” and not share bad news of her school:

“The remarks that were made were not intentional and were never meant to single out students from neighbourhood secondary schools. Teachers had clarified the school’s position to their students on Wednesday morning, while emphasising the importance of regular school attendance so as to keep pace with the curriculum. We have urged teachers to help students share their concerns about the matter, while using social media responsibly.”

Member of the ruling party elite, PAP MP Ang Wei Neng, brushed off the closet discriminatory nature of the vice-principal and advised her to be “more careful” in the future.