Photo of Ng Eng Hen from Youtube

In a speech dedicated to attacking the integrity of Singapore’s first English Premier League (EPL) club player Ben Davis, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen angrily declared that the teenager is not a Singaporean. The PAP millionaire Minister defended his obnoxious demand that the EPL club Fulham player must serve military conscription or face the crime for defaulting conscription.

Minister Ng Eng Hen gave 3 filmsy excuses why Ben Davis’s application to defer National Service was rejected. Referring to the Fulham football club’s official website, the PAP Minister said that it is written that Ben Davis is an English national and not a Singaporean. According to the learned Minister, Ben Davis’s citizenship is decided by whatever is written on the website:

“In his profile on Fulham’s website, Benjamin is said to “hail from Singapore”, but his nationality is listed as English.”

Minister Ng Eng Hen then attacked Ben Davis’s father for not giving a date when the teenager would return to conscription:

“The senior Davis had consistently refused to indicate when his son would return to do NS, if deferred. Davis said this was because there are a lot of variables all dependent on his development and progression.”

Lastly, the PAP Minister said he felt disrespected by Ben Davis’s father who said that renunciation of citizenship is always an option:

“Davis indicated that Benjamin would still sign the contract with Fulham if deferment was not granted – as he did – and would consider the option for his son to renounce his Singapore citizenship in order to pursue his career.”

Minister Ng Eng Hen ended his speech by openly threatening the teenager that he had jailed 13 conscription defaulters, who among them include those trapped in poverty and worked to support their families:

“Some wanted to complete their university degree first before NS. Others said they had to support their families. In every judgment, the courts dismissed these personal reasons, convicted and sentenced them to jail terms. Harsh as it is, the Enlistment Act is blind to personal convenience and considerations, no matter how talented the individual or exceptional his circumstances.”

Ben Davis would have to reach the age of 21 years old before he can renounce his Singapore citizenship, however, he will be required to enlist for 2-year conscription by 18 or he will be jailed 3 years (for each year over the mandated age) for NS evasion.