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When questioned in Parliament about the state of overcrowding in rental flats, Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong mocked the poor saying that they can always rent one more unit if they find it overcrowded.

“Nine in 10 households in public rental flats have four or fewer persons living together. “Larger families who form two separate nuclei, such as grandparents living with parents and children, and need more space may also apply for two separate rental flats.”

The millionaire PAP Minister then added that the poor can always choose not to rent from the government:

“Similarly, there is no limit on the number of related persons who can purchase a flat or rent one on the open market together as a family.”

In his parliamentary response, the Minister acknowledged an increase in the number of poor in Singapore and the demand for rental flats:

“Another 3,000 rental flats are in the pipeline, joining the other 60,000 that are already built. About 50,000 households live in public rental flats currently.”

Minister Lawrence Wong said that he has no intention to impose any basic occupancy standards, and that large families will only get the maximum 2-room flat as the government no longer build 3-room rental flats.