Screenshot of Parliament in May 2018

According to state media Straits Times, MPs filed the most number of questions in the ruling party-dominated Parliament with a total of 19 questions on the Singhealth hack. The Singhealth hack incident have nearly twice the number of questions over the SMRT corruption last October which flooded MRT tunnels and endangered lives.

Questions filed include asking the government ridiculous questions like whether if the culprit would be taken to task and “how public confidence can be restored”. The authorities have given up on finding the culprit due to its lack of IT expertise.

Unfortunately, no question has been raised on the declining state funds in GIC, the undisclosed budget of Terminal 5, the corruptions uncovered by the Auditor General, the unapproved S$20 million spending on Trump-Kim event, the appointment of ex-military colonels in state-owned company SMRT, the double-digit gas and electricity tariff increase, the High Speed Rail and water price negotiation issue, the Prime Minister’s successor, the elderly suicide issue and a number of issues of major national concerns . Most Singaporeans expressed disappointment in their politicians lamenting about their fear to offend dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Parliament will sit today (Aug 6) after a three month break, even though the MPs and Ministers are drawing full-time salaries at S$192,000/year for MPs and S$1.1 million/yr for Ministers.