Photo of crowd from Facebook

Singapore’s Circle Line saw a major breakdown yesterday (Aug 3) on the same day after Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan came out from weeks of hiding to officiate the opening of Terminal 4. At 6.07pm in the evening, commuters on board a train at Paya Lebar station had to disembark following a train breakdown. State-owned transport operator SMRT covered up the incident and did not report to the public, and they were only forced to do so nearly 20 minutes later at 6.21pm after commuters made their own complaints on social media.

SMRT’s first announcement was also found to be inaccurate, reporting only two stations being affected. The dishonest government-owned company was again forced to be transparent at 6.35pm, which the announcement broadcast being changed to 5 stations – from Paya Lebar to Dakota station – being affected.

SMRT told state media Straits Times that a signalling fault was behind the breakdown.

The irresponsible Transport Minister refused to declare the budget of Terminal 5 at his speech and did not address the train breakdown either later in the evening. The new SMRT CEO, Neo Kian Hong, and his military colonels-filled management were also unresponsive and slow at the breakdown incident.