Photo of HDB flat displaying national flags from Facebook

Less Singaporeans are expressing their support for this year’s upcoming National Day next week (Aug 9) as legalised corruption scandals hit the political ruling party. According to pictures of HDB flats online, there are fewer households hanging up their Singapore national flag.

Most Singaporeans have grown disillusioned with the ruling party PAP, due to its election fixing leading to Halimah Yacob’s walkover win and the slew of tax increases raised to cover the overseas investment losses of GIC and Temasek Holdings.

In Sep last year, corrupted dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong abused his power over the Election Department and disqualified her two other opponent contestant candidates. Although Singaporeans stopped short of calling it “election-fixing” due to Lee Hsien Loong’s threat of defamation lawsuit and powerful contempt of court charges, most expressed their unhappiness with a more “trouble-free” saying that they were “disappointed” a contest did not take place.

The year took a turn for the worse with Lee Hsien Loong rapidly raising taxes, and even announcing all the tax increases 2 years ahead of schedule. Both businesses and the residents saw double-digits increment in utility bills, and resentment continue to build up in the ground against the corrupted Prime Minister who diverted the funds to the sovereign wealth fund companies, where he and his wife both sat as Chairman and CEO.

The frustration worsen with news like elderly suicide increasing due to poverty, and new laws like the mandatory CareShield Life and CPF Annuity prohibiting the withdrawal of CPF retirement funds.

With these pent-up anger and bitterness from the neighbourhoods, it is hence no surprise that fewer households are putting up their own form of silent dissent.

According to political analysts in the region, Singapore would likely see the collapse of the ruling party PAP government as Malaysians did to the corrupted Najib Razak regime. Until then, Singaporeans will continue to be oppressed by the all-powerful Lee Hsien Loong.