Photo of Grace Fu from CNA

When questioned by media reporters if the government has set any goal for its sports athletes at the upcoming Asian Games, Minister-in-charge of sports Grace Fu said she has “no specific targets”. The “4G” Minister was caught off-guard by the question and blurted out that she does not know what target to set for the athletes:

“We don’t have any specific targets but I’m sure each of the sports will go out and really do their very best for Singapore.”

Minister Grace Fu’s comment was met with sarcasm from the public, with many criticising the millionaire Minister being afraid to meet public expectations and merely saying things to cover herself. A state media reporter even openly wrote that the Minister has no vision and aspiration.

Singapore would be sending the most athletes this year, with 265 entrants for 21 sports in this year’s Asian Games.

In this year’s Asian Games, the Singapore football team was disqualified as it struggled to perform. The disqualification came as a disappointment for the ruling party especially after PAP Minister Edwin Tong set a 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualification target in 2016. Singapore’s national football team currently ranks 173rd in the world.