Photo of Neo Kian Hong from Mindef

Publicly exhibiting corruption and cronyism, Singapore’s beleaguered state-owned transport operator SMRT today (Aug 1) announced that they will be hiring more inexperienced ex-military officers as senior management.

According to state media Straits Times, two colonels with zero private sector working experience will share the profile of the Head of Human Resources at SMRT. Another colonel with no working experience will become Chief Corporate Officer. Through legalised corruptions, each ex-colonel is believed to take home at least S$15,000 a month.

Under SMRT’s former army general CEO Desmond Kuek, the taxpayers-funded transport operator saw a record loss of S$86 million in FY2018 and unreported train breakdowns every month. Desmond Kuek has be replaced with another PAP and military crony, Neo Kian Hong, effective today (Aug 1).

Singapore has been seeing rampant corruption and cronyism practices under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who was a former Brigadier General. The military officers when appointed to take over key positions have so far proven to be a failure, with the biggest loss coming from General Ng Yat Chung who lost the billion-dollar national shipping line Neptune Orient Line. Ng Yat Chung has since been excused from his failure and now put to head the state media company, Singapore Press Holdings.

Uniformed officers who were deployed in politics also failed terribly, with Rear Admiral Lui Tuck Yew resigning after he could not handle the stress being the Transport Minister. Another former army general, Tan Chuan Jin, was fired from his ministerial position and demoted with a 50% pay cut as the Speaker of Parliament. Army general Chan Chun Sing is also another epic fail, with incoherent speeches confusing and misleading the public. Although Chan Chun Sing was singled out as of the Prime Minister successors, he is the least preferred even by his own ruling party members.