Photo of robber from TodayOnline

Barely a day after boasting about police’s efficiency on the capture of several public slashers, Singapore saw another high profile street crime at Boon Lay station last Saturday (Jul 28). An Indian man wearing a pink turban allegedly tried to rob a pawnshop with a fake gun, and threw a box into the pawnshop before taking flight. A bomb disposal police unit deployed cleared the box after the area was condoned off for several hours. The incident took place during the afternoon at a pawnshop next to the crowded Boon Lay MRT station.

The police was unable to find any information despite having a video footage of the man. As of press time, the police have not captured the man and the authorities appear to be helpless as they post a gif image of the video on the state media appealing to the public for assistance.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam conveniently went back into silent mode as he did for the corruption findings uncovered by the Auditor General last week. The foul-mouthed minister earned his notoriety during the public hearing on Deliberate Online Falsehoods conducted earlier this year by accusing a Harvard academic of fabricating research to “make the government look bad”. Harvard University and other researchers called for Minister K Shanmugam to apologise for his baseless accusation, which the millionaire minister insisted he is always correct.

Legalised corruption is rampant in Singapore due to the deliberate oversight by the Law Minister and the corrupted Prime Minister who put himself above the corruption bureau.