Photo of Najib Razak and Lee Hsien Loong from Today

From water prices to High Speed Rail contract breakdown, Singapore has itself to blame for unethically dealing with the corrupted head of state for Malaysia. Or at least Lee Hsien Loong did.

Despite being acutely aware that the former Malaysia PM is notorious for election fixing, corruption over state fund 1MDB and political purges, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong cosied himself with Najib Razak. Lee Hsien Loong did not care if the other party is a corrupted crook or if the deal is immoral, and blindly signed away major decisions without assessing the political risk.

Najib Razak may be comfortable giving raw water at S$0.01/thousand gallons to Singapore, but Lee Hsien Loong did not question if the deal is too sweet to begin with. The same thing happened to the High Speed Rail, with Lee Hsien Loong fully aware that hundreds of billions of state funds are missing from 1MDB. Corruption news like these would have raised cautionary flags among people of upright moral standing, but not to Lee Hsien Loong.

The end result is Malaysia now backtracking on the agreements Najib Razak signed, which is a given.

According to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, Singaporeans now have to pay over S$250 million in losses resulted from the breakdown of the High Speed Rail contract.

This is not the first time Lee Hsien Loong screw up international diplomacy with a longstanding Singapore ally. The ignorant heir of Lee Kuan Yew destroyed the diplomatic ties with China, painstakingly built over the decades by his father. In the western front, Lee Hsien Loong could be seen brown-nosing the United States, offending ASEAN countries and China in the process.

Singaporeans heaved a sigh of relieve when they heard Lee Hsien Loong is retiring. However, the dictator is hesitant in letting go of power. Till date, there has still been no clear candidate in sight despite years of succession talks. Many are also ambivalent about his retirement because Lee Hsien Loong would likely make himself a Mentor Minister like as he did for his father, and remote control the new Prime Minister from behind the scene.