Photo of Halimah Yacob with Keppel from Straits Times

Faced with an embarrassing shortage of funding from the public sector, Singapore President Halimah Yacob had to accept a million-dollar charity from state-owned company Keppel Corporation. During the company’s 50th anniversary dinner, the Temasek Holdings subsidiary handed over a cheque of S$1 million to puppet president Halimah Yacob.

The PAP crony President appointed by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, gleefully received the donation cheque from former PAP Minister Lee Boon Yang, who now sits as the Chairman of Keppel. Speaking in broken English, Halimah Yacob said that she wants Singapore companies to donate more money:

“I am heartened by the company giving back to society. I hope that companies in Singapore will continue to give generously, not only with financial support, but also through volunteerism and sharing of knowledge and expertise.”

President Halimah Yacob is currently trying to elevate her tattered public image after she was severely criticised for hiding her presence during the Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting in Singapore. After bringing disrepute to the Malay community, Halimah Yacob went on to become the poster woman for private corporation Nestle at a new product launch of Milo Gao Kosong. The controversial President is now trying to call for the public to donate money and time, so the government could spend less resources for the under-privilege.

Earlier in March 2018, Halimah Yacob expressed her support for the GST increase and freely signed off the budget despite not understanding the government expenditures. Although the former career politician from the ruling party has no experience in fund management, she was assigned to “safeguard” the national reserves, believed to hold trillions in tax and retirement funds.