Photo of Xiaxue from Facebook

According to state media Straits Times, 48 individuals have submitted their own names to the ruling party government applying for the Nominated MP role.

The lucrative NMP role pays S$31,500 for minimal effort, requiring one to have only a minimum six parliament sittings in a year. NMPs are selected by a ruling party-led committee, and in this year, chaired by PAP Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin.

The selection process is a legal corruption to increase proxy voices of the ruling party, and play “opposition” in the dictatorship parliament. Every 2.5 year, nine NMPs were selected and only those with business, political affiliations, friends or relatives related to the ruling party are selected.

Former NMPs Calvin Cheng and Gerard Ee were PAP members, while former NMP Chia Yong Yong is the younger sister of former PAP MP Eunice Chia. Most NMPs have made speeches in favour of the ruling party or over trivial issues not debated in Parliament. In 2015, former NMP Chia Yong Yong stated that CPF is not Singaporeans’ money, earning praises from corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who manages the country’s CPF retirement funds through GIC.

Among those who applied this year include 4 from the ruling party PAP’s political arm, People’s Association, and one from the PAP’s labour union, NTUC. In earlier media reports, a fervent PAP supporter who cosplay for the PAP, Xia Xue, also announced that she has submitted her name for the NMP.

Only Singapore have the NMP system, and it was devised by the ruling party to appease the public over the lack of opposition voices in Parliament.