Former colonel Alvin Kek from SPH

Despite having been sentenced to 2 weeks’ jail for drink driving, state-owned public transport operator SMRT reserved an executive job placing for it’s Chief Operations Officer Alvin Kek. SMRT rallied it’s support for the military crony saying it has suspended his position while he serves his two weeks sentence.

The COO is a former army colonel defended himself in court on Monday (Jun 25) saying that he was out drinking heavily with his friends at lavish country club, Temasek Club on April 20. Alvin Kek then left at about 2.30am and drove in the direction of Woodlands, and ended up at the Woodlands Checkpoint at 2.55am. According to a Chinese local newspaper, the married father of two children was found drunk with a China national woman in her 30s when he was stopped by the immigration officers.

Immigration checkpoint officers hauled him up for a breath test and found he was nearly double the legal limit.

According to court hearing, SMRT COO Alvin Kek is a repeat drink-driving offender, including other serious traffic offences like beating the red light and using a mobile phone during driving.

Alvin Kek was among the 4 high-ranking military cronies brought on board SMRT after the former chief of defence force Desmond Kuek became CEO. A new chief of defence force will be taking over Desmond Kuek, but the military leadership has been a disaster for the public transport operator. Rail reliability is at it’s lowest in more than a decade, even after tens of billions were pumped into the MRT system.