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According to PAP Minister Lee Yi Shyan, the cost of raw water to Malaysia is free because “it falls from the sky”. The entitled millionaire minister put up on his Facebook page a table, trying to explain how “unfair” it is for Malaysia to charge Singapore a single cent for raw water supply:

“Just to make things clear. When Mahathir accuses Singapore of paying too little for water…

Cost of raw water to Malaysia: $0.00 (falls from sky)”

Screenshot from Facebook

Ruling party members fabricating propaganda and fake news however do not warrant any offence in Singapore.

Responding to Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s comment that the water prices for S$0.01/thousand gallon is “ridiculous”, Minister Lee Yi Shyan joins PAP Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin hitting out at Malaysia. Former Minister Tan Chuan Jin quoted a state media article “reminding” Malaysia how Singapore “helped” during a drought in Johor:

“As a friend and neighbour, we do what we can (in this instance a few years back). But being friendly and supportive doesn’t mean that we should accede to whims and fancies to show sincerity. When one wants his way and doesn’t get it, it isn’t because we aren’t friendly. It’s because it needs to be fair, equitable and consistent for our people. That’s the basis on which equals conduct business. That’s why legally binding positions are important to keep things professional and impartial. But of course, that’s assuming we view each other as equals!

PAP diplomat Bilahari Kausikan openly attacked the Malaysia PM, accusing him of distracting the public from the RM500 million compensation due for breaking the High Speed Rail contract:

“Here we go again. The good doctor knows full well that the price of water was set by an international agreement under the terms of which Malaysia also buys treated water from Singapore at a low price, and buys considerably more than it is entitled to buy under the terms of the agreement. Why should it do that unless it is getting a good deal? We have gone through this umpteen times when he was last PM. He knows we are not going to change our position. The reason is simple: if we allow Malaysia to change the terms of solemn international agreements anytime the terms of the agreement become inconvenient to them, where will it end? Dr M knows all this. I think he is raising water only as a diversionary tactic in preparation to ask for a waiver or reduction of the compensation due to us if he formally cancels the high-speed rail project. His intention is to make the Singapore government look unreasonable hoping, first, that Singaporeans will pressure our government on his behalf, and, second, to set up an alibi with his own people. All this is out of Dr M’s standard play-book. Singaporeans should not be deceived. Good neighbourliness ought to be a two-way street.”

While his underlings have started barking up the tree, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong remained silent and unsure of how to respond to Malaysia.

Bilateral diplomacy between Singapore and Malaysia is now at hitting rock bottom, due to the HSR and 1MDB issues. The Singapore government is currently under investigation for assisting former PM Najib Razak siphon billions from Malaysia state fund 1MDB.

Over in Singapore, Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad has been winning support from Singaporeans due to his remarkable feat of toppling the Najib Razak’s dictatorship. Most Singaporeans expressed similar hopes of removing the Lee Hsien Loong government, so they could get back their CPF retirement money and remove the HDB lease.