Photo of PAP banner from Facebook

Frustrated with growing support for the Opposition Workers’ Party in his assigned GRC ward, the leader of the “suicide team” at Opposition stronghold Aljunied GRC resorted to rumour-mongering and even vandalism. A resident from Aljunied GRC posted on Facebook a photo of Victor Lye’s banner covering up a Workers’ Party banner.

When confronted on his Facebook page, Victor Lye apologised and feigned ignorance:

“Dear Yu Shan, indeed, the banner should not have been placed this way. I have checked and asked our volunteers to rectify. Apologies. Thank you for highlighting.”

The PAP leader defended himself on state media Straits Times and then claimed that the Opposition MPs “sit in Parliament” and do nothing:

“A young resident had asked if I am paid for my community work within the WP constituency. The answer is “not a cent”. I told him we as volunteers even spend our own money doing community work. Another resident had asked if Non-Constituency MPs are paid for their unelected seats in Parliament. To this, I answered, “yes”. Then, he laughed, “but actually, you guys in Aljunied GRC lost by the smallest margin (of less than one percent). Yet, opposition losers gets paid and sit in Parliament while you still walk the ground with no pay and no Parliament seat? Better you join opposition! Le siow ah! Are you crazy?””

Victor Lye however lied about using personal funds for his campaigning. The branch chairman of the PAP Bedok Reservoir-Punggol division is funded by the People’s Association (PA). The PA has a S$1.06 billion budget as of 2017, and finances used for political campaigning for the ruling party PAP is undisclosed. For Victor Lye, the PA community centre and the air-conditioned wifi-enabled first-grade office he used to arrange meet-the-people sessions (MPS) in Aljunied are all funded from the PA. The incumbent WP MPs are denied resources from the PA and had to conduct their MPS at the local HDB void deck.

WP MPS (left) PAP MPS (right) from STR