Photo of TP from ASS

For nearly a year in 2015, four National Service full-time conscripts (NSFs) suffered sexual harassment from their gay superior in silence. Afraid that voicing out will lead to repercussions like a jail sentence, the victims aged 21 and 22 years olds kept silent until one of them decided to share his story with another.

According to court testimonials, 55-year-old Traffic Police inspector, Mohd Taufik Abu Bakar, call his NSF conscripts “darling” and “baby”, and often caress or slap their behinds at the Traffic Police headquarters.

The police inspector then one day invited a 21-year-old NSF to go to his flat to “apply hair removal cream”. On 13 Sep 2017, Mohd Taufik barged into the toilet of his master bedroom and molested the NSF. After the ordeal, Mohd Taufik sent a suggestive Whatsapp message to his victim:

“Let me know if you feel lonely and need me to accompany you. You can also stay over at my place and let me know.”

The matter only came to light when the victim told his NSF colleague, who also shared that he has been molested by the “encik” too. The two reported to the NS probationary officer who reported it to the headquarters.

The traffic police inspector who has been in the police since 1998, now faces a two year imprisonment. It is unknown how many victims have suffered in silence over the 20 years Mohd Taufik was in service.

Power harassment is common in Singapore’s national service, as NSFs are told to accept unfair punishments as “training”.