Photo of Lee family from SCMP

Angry at his father’s preferential treatment to his younger siblings, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong fired his younger brother Lee Hsien Yang and cemented his exile from Singapore. In a press release by the Transport Ministry, Lee Hsien Yang was dismissed from his Chairman position as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) effecting July 1.

This is the first time in Lee Hsien Yang’s entire career he became jobless. The second son of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew used to be an army general for over two decades, the CEO of state-owned company Singtel for another two decades and then the Chairman of CAAS.

Lee Hsien Yang and his wife Lee Suet Fern is currently exiled in Hongkong, which the couple left in a hurry after hearing news that his Prime Minister brother is going to arrest his wife for charges over falsification of their father’s last will. Lee Kuan Yew’s last will, which removed Lee Hsien Loong as the executor, was made in Lee Hsien Loong’s absence. Lee Hsien Loong then abused his premiership powers to appoint his own Ministers in a “Select Committee” to challenge the legitimacy of the last will.

Photo of Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Suet Fern from HK01

The son of Lee Hsien Yang was not spared. Li Shengwu, a Harvard professor, was seen as a political threat to Lee Hsien Loong’s son, Li Hongyi, who currently sits as a young “consultant-director” at the Ministry of Information and Communications. The talented Li Shengwu, who just won an academic award earlier this week, was charged for contempt of court over a private Facebook post criticising the Singapore judiciary as being “pliant” to the government. A government spy took a screenshot of the allegedly-offending post and reported to the Attorney General, who began legal proceedings to prevent Li Shengwu from returning to Singapore. The Attorney General, Lucien Wong, is a personal friend and former private lawyer of Lee Hsien Loong.

According to Lee Hsien Loong’s siblings, Lee Hsien Loong wanted to create a monarchy-like status for his father Lee Kuan Yew and himself. The dictator Prime Minister who already enjoy legal immunity, was revealed to have intent in letting his son Li Hongyi take over as the next Prime Minister.

At the age of 67, Lee Hsien Loong is currently Singapore’s oldest Prime Minister and he has no immediate intention to step down. The PAP dictator and his wife Ho Ching controls the finances of CPF retirement funds and the national reserves, through their positions as Chairman and CEO of GIC and Temasek Holdings respectively.