Photo of South Korean protest in Singapore from Yahoo

Despite knowingly aware that Singapore ban all forms of public protest, over 10 foreigners were shown leniency by the Singapore Police and not charged for protesting during the Trump-Kim meeting. Openly practising double standards, the Singapore Police did not charge 4 group of protests – by a group of 5 South Korean women, 4 South Koreans, 1 Taiwanese woman and 1 Japanese man – held outside hotels and the streets.

According to state media TodayOnline, the group of 5 South Korean women were let off by the police two times before finally being arrested by the police. On Monday, the group protested at Capella Hotel in Sensosa and the police let them off with only a warning. Then on the same day in the evening, the group protested at Shangri-La Hotel. The Singapore police warned them a second time. Undaunted by the weak police, the group then went on to protest at St Regis Hotel.

Screensho of South Korean women protest from video

The Singapore Police said Attorney General Lucien Wong – who is a personal friend and former private lawyer of Lee Hsien Loong – chose not to charge the 5 South Korean women without giving any explanation:

“Their visitor passes were cancelled and they have been repatriated to the Republic of Korea. Action against the group was taken in consultation with the Attorney-General’s Chambers.”

Also in a gazetted area, Japanese man was seen selling North Korean books and merchandise at Tanglins Place.

Photo from Straits Times

A Taiwanese woman was also filmed protesting for Taiwan’s independence.

The last group of 5 South Koreans were protesting against North Korea’s detention of 6 South Koreans.

No foreigner was charged for protesting during the Trump-Kim event.

The Singapore laws however apply differently for Singapore citizens, where it is common to see lengthy police investigations resulting in jail or a hefty fine.

In May 2018, artist Seelan Parlay held a solo protest outside the Parliament House against the police abuse of power, and was swiftly arrested without any warning.

The unwritten “one country-two systems” rule applies not only to public protests. Foreigners, especially the rich ones, charged for the same crimes as Singaporean citizens would often be let off with lighter sentencing. In 2017, American paedophile Joshua Robinson who raped and filmed two underage Singaporean girls was let off with no caning and given only 4 years of imprisonment. In 2012, a Singaporean was jailed 1 year for stealing S$32 from a donation box. In 2014, a Singaporean homeless man was jailed 4 days for living in a tent at the public park in East Coast.

Aside from double standards in law enforcement, the Singapore government also actively institute preferential treatment for foreigners. New citizens past the age of 21 do not need to serve two years of NS conscription, even when they are physically fit.