Photo of Ong Ye Kung from The Straits Times

Writing in a Facebook responding to a MP’s question over charging teachers for parking in school compounds, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung passed the buck away and blamed the Auditor-General. The PAP Minister said he is “addressing” the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) findings on “structural weakness”.

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, one of the three runners for the next Prime Minister position, wrote in his Facebook response blaming the AGO claiming that the AGO demanded for primary, secondary and junior college-level schools to charge for parking:

“The Auditor General’s Office (AGO) checks on practices pertaining to the use of public funds. The observations and findings are published and subject to parliamentary scrutiny. A few years ago, the AGO pointed out that free parking in education institutions constitutes a staff benefit and is against the civil service’s clean wage policy.”

However, a fact check with the past auditor reports of the AGO revealed that the Education Minister lied. The “closest” part where the AGO mentioned about parking is in 2015, where the government auditor singled out three specific educational institutes – ITE, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic – for undercharging below market rate for carkpark fees.

Read point 102 of page 43 in the 2015 AGO report:

Screenshot from 2015 AGO report

Nowhere did the AGO report mention anything about a “clean wage”. The PAP Minister fabricated the claim to support his policy to raise taxes for the government.

Minister Ong Ye Kung’s fake news has been carried by state media Straits Times as a national propaganda. The 151st-ranking state media blindly defended the PAP Minister without checking his claims.