Photo from Facebook

UPDATE: HDB published a press release on 27 May 2018 stating that the taxi driver has left his vehicle with the engine off for 10 minutes. Max Tan has since deleted his Facebook post.

A taxi driver has took to Facebook posting a photo of his parking summon complaining about the inflexibility of a Land Transport Authority (LTA) officer. According to the driver Max Tan, he left his engine by the road side to help his passenger who was a wheelchair-bound elderly up a slope to a lift lobby.

The kindhearted driver returned to his car in less than 2 minutes and he was issued a summon on the spot by a LTA enforcement officer. When he told the LTA that he was helping the wheelchair-bound old lady, the LTA officer gave him a bureaucratic response saying it is the law.

“Alighting a old wheelchair old lady.
Engine on. Helping to push her up the slope to lift lobby… time taken less than 2 min…
Got this summon. . I approached this idiot and ask why?? Can’t u see I helping this wheel chair lady??? He said Law stated No parking at all times even with engine on….. I say thank you..
From now on… this summon will remind me what Singapore is becoming. … I (wish) one day his mother is my customer with wheel chair… (Don’t) Blame me for throwing her on the road side…”

The Facebook post went viral with over 1,470 shares. Most comments slamming the rigid mindsets of civil servants and the sorry state of society Singapore has degenerated into.