Screenshot of Parliament in May 2018

After news of Malaysia’s newly-elected government announced a 10% ministerial salaries pay cut, Singapore Ministers are now under tremendous pressure from the public to trim off chunk off their million dollar paycheck. According to the Malaysian government, the move is an austerity measure to reduce burden on public expenditures, even though the savings may not be substantial.

The Malaysian Prime Minister draws about S$92,400 a year while a Minister draws about S$60,000 a year. The savings is estimated to be only S$110,000 a year.

In Singapore, dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong draws the world’s highest salaries at S$2.2 million a year, or 22 times the Malaysian PM’s. The PAP Ministers take home S$1.1 million at least, and the total cabinet costs at least S$53 million a year.

As Singapore is now in debt due to expenses over-run from mega projects like Terminal 5 and Tuas Mega Port, Singaporeans are calling for the millionaire ministers to impose a similar pay cut.

Singapore’s political salaries is a textbook case study of a legalised corruption, where a corrupted majority ruling party re-write legislation to give themselves a massive pay raise.

According to government propaganda, the million-dollar salaries is required to deter corruption and attract “political talents”. The policy however ended up with several military generals becoming Ministers, and system-wide incompetence. Singapore Ministers eventually become obsessed with the money, disinterested in governance and completely subservient to the Prime Minister.

It is not uncommon to see Ministers, PAP MPs and even the Speaker of Parliament skipping parliamentary sessions in Singapore. In a recent parliamentary debate last week, the state media accidentally published a camera footage of a parliament session with over empty seats. According to laws written by the ruling party PAP, a MP needs only attend parliament once every two months to retain his seat.