Photo of K Shanmugam from Todayonline

When questioned by state media reporters over what more can be done to help single parents, Law Minister K Shanmugam responded saying that poverty is their own “individual responsibility” and said they “should look for a job”:

“The government cannot take away an individual’s responsibility towards improving the lives of themselves and their children. Single parents need to have the right attitude, such as being prepared to take up the jobs the authorities found for them and earn a steady stream of income.”

The millionaire PAP Minister said that the government does not have the resources to help the poor:

“We can keep the children occupied, we can give them food but we can’t look after the mother psychologically, 30 days a month because we don’t have that kind of people and resources, it’s not easy.”

Law Minister K Shanmugam then said single parents should learn from the 3 PAP Ministers who are running for Prime Minister:

“Mr Chan grew up in a single parent household, with his mother raising him and his elder sister up in a three-room flat, which they shared with his grandparents. He got into Raffles Institution, became a President’s Scholar, and went on to be Chief of Army and now, a minister. Likewise, Mr Heng and Mr Ong grew up in modest flats but worked hard and clinched scholarships, before rising to become Cabinet ministers.”

The PAP dictator notorious for his unfiltered foul mouth against critics, said some single parents are drug addicts or negligent and that there is no problem with being a single parent in Singapore:

“There are some single parents who continue to have a drug problem or neglect their children. It’s not about being a single parent, it is whether you are focused on your children and helping them.”

Single parents are not allowed full access to maternal leaves and parental benefits. The minority single parents are also denied from purchasing a HDB flat like married couples.