Photo of K Shanmugam from CNA

Investigations over the death of SCDF NSF Kok Yuen Chin is still ongoing, but Law Minister unwittingly committed sub judice in Parliament yesterday (May 17) by saying he believe there will be criminal proceedings:

“There will almost certainly be criminal proceedings. The Attorney-General’s Chambers has told me that, after reviewing the facts at this stage.  Based on the facts that I have seen, I think so too. There should be criminal charges… What I can say is that the conduct was unacceptable. It was a clear and serious violation of the rules, and there can be no excuse for the conduct… There is also a fair bit of evidence on what had happened, including witnesses and other objective evidence, but it would be inappropriate to go into detail at this point.”

Law Minister K Shanmugam has in the past repetitively threatened to sue Singaporeans for sub judice if they criticise or comment on an ongoing police case. The law apparently applies only to others and not himself, as the loose cannon minister often make public statements influencing a case with no court judgement.

According to media interviews with the deceased’s family members, the victim brought snacks as “offerings” to the station in the hope that the regular servicemen will not throw him into the water pump well as a form of “celebration” for the end of his national service. The victim was said to be aquaphobic and unable to swim, which he actually relayed to his superiors pleading them not to throw him into the 12m-depth water pump well.

Photo of NSF funeral from Facebook

The PAP Minister did not comment on the feedback given by former civil defence conscripts who told the media that such abuse is common when the regular servicemen are in “celebration mood”. According to these former conscripts, the abuse range from anal penetration using a battery, to being thrown into the water pump well or being put on IV drip.