Following the ridiculous speech by President Halimah Yacob, state media Straits Times featured a government university’s professor absurd call to ban Singaporeans from using their CPF savings to buy HDB flats. In a premium article titled “President Halimah’s call for bold changes draws bold ideas” on Straits Times, a government university scholar, Professor Walter Theseira told Straits Times that Singaporeans can retire if they do not use their CPF money to buy exorbitant HDB flats:

“To ensure Singaporeans have enough retirement savings, a bold shift is ending the use of CPF savings for home purchases. Combining one’s retirement assets with housing assets works fine if housing prices continue to rise – which may not be the case. The current system gets people to save through their homes, but this may be a source of concern as the value of homes may dwindle as they age.”

Other “bold ideas” – according to the 151st-ranking newspaper – include calling for more taxes, giving more money to businesses and allowing driverless cars on the roads. The ideas however have been slammed as stupid by Singaporeans who read the government propaganda news.

Along side the state media, government universities in Singapore are usually the first to promote new government policies as a “soft launch”. In 2016, CNA and the NUS published a fake survey claiming that Singaporeans are racist when it comes to voting. This resulted in the re-writing of the Constitution to allow only Malays to contest, so the majority Chinese would not qualify.

In late 2017, state media Straits Times and several government newspapers published rumours of a GST hike. A few months later in 2018’s Budget, the GST was raised from 7 to 9%.

Earlier on Monday, President Halimah Yacob read aloud a script written by the PAP Ministers. The useless puppet of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had her script drafted more than 20 times, and ended up reciting a ridiculous speech waxing lyrical about leadership and “ageing well”.