Photo of Masagos Zulkifli from PAP

Speaking in a state media interview with Straits Times, the new Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Masagos Zulkifli claimed that the Malay race can never win in an open election against a Chinese candidate in Singapore. Alleging that Singaporeans are racist, the PAP Minister said it is “reality”:

“The fact is in an open contest, Malay candidates are unlikely to win. The other two aspirants this round, Mr Salleh Marican and Mr Farid Khan, did not step forward in previous presidential elections even though they would then have been eligible. They knew in a situation that if you just leave it to market forces, a society left to run to its free will, the outcomes are not always ideal. It is the reality. And that is where governments have to intervene. I am hopeful this would not have to happen again in future. I think when we care less about our differences and we can work well together, then we will hopefully never need to do this.”

In September 2017 last year, the Singapore government published fake surveys and statistics claiming that Singaporeans are racists who only vote for their own race. The dictatorship then created a new law banning other races to contest in the Presidential Election, reserving the election for only the Malays.

The racist election however created another controversy: the PAP’s choice of candidate Halimah Yacob is Indian, not Malay. The PAP government then had to re-write the Constitution and created a committee to certify her as a Malay. To make things worse, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong abused the Election Department to disqualify her two other Malay contestant opponents.

The undemocratic processes created a furore and angered especially the Malay minorities who felt they have been looked down upon by the Lee government.