Screenshot of Shanmugam from Facebook video

History: Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew generated fake news to arrest his political allies and enemies to establish an enduring dictatorship.

Ministers and MPs of the fascist PAP party today however are unable to accept the written history as factual, and they are now engaged in a character-smearing campaign against the historian who documented the record. The Singapore politicians called Oxford historian Dr Thum Ping Tjin a liar out to sabotage the “parliamentary process” and even called him a “holocaust denier”.

On Tuesday, a vile accusation fired by the Chairman of the Select Committee on Online Falsehoods, PAP MP Charles Chong, claimed that the world’s number 1 university, Oxford, is taking funding from an American philanthropist to subvert Singapore’s “democracy”. To begin with, Singapore is not a democracy but a hybrid dictatorship regime with unfair elections favouring the ruling party.

Oxford professors holding directorships and emeritus professor titles have since rubbished the baseless accusation from the PAP MP and one even told him to stop imagining things in his head. These academics are however not local lecturers found in NUS but internationally-respected scholars who collectively documented the historical records like as their colleagues did for the renowned Oxford Dictionary.

Unfortunately, given it’s fascist nature, the Singapore government is unlikely to budge.

For a start, Singapore does not have a free media. It’s 151st-ranking mainstream media is funded and controlled by the government, and the editorials are openly biased in the name of “nation-building”. State media news like Straits Times and CNA are spinning stories and aiding the spread of baseless accusations like those from PAP MP Charles Chong’s. The PAP MP’s response was published in full, while the responses from the Oxford academics were censored. Propaganda works only one-way.

The Singapore leaders see themselves as an “elite class”, at least in Singapore. Corruptions are legalised, making them the most well-paid politicians in the world. The ruling party PAP politicians have been legal gangsters since Independence, it is not the first time they engage in character-assassination of their critics. Whoever dare challenged the government would be punished, even when it is the nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (coincidentally Li Shengwu graduated top of his cohort from Oxford University too).

Academics around the world, including those from Oxford University, should accept that the PAP is a dictatorship regime and not a democracy that could handle questions demanding accountability and transparency.

I would issue the same advice to these professors or to whoever intending to disagree with the Singapore government: don’t waste your time.

The dictatorship have no intention to engage in honest review or amicable discussions. The only way of dealing with such hooligans-in-suits is to present the facts and let the public judge for themselves. Do not engage their state media, and issue your own statement on your own platform. Do not take things personally, recognise that these people holding PAP memberships are like the Nazis or a jihadist – totally unreasonable. They were brought up in an environment where they received intense brain-bleaching for decades.

Personally, I treat them as mental asylum patients who are easily triggered when you said the wrong thing to them. The PAP leaders can only hear and read the right thing, and this is why they controlled the national newspaper like Lee Hsien Loong’s personal Facebook page.

Alex Tan
STR Editor