Photo of East Coast GRC from CNA

Singapore’s 151st-ranking state media CNA expressed concerns over the retirement of “anchor Ministers” – Lim Swee Say and Yaacob Ibrahim – in 2 Group Representative Constituencies (GRCs). According to CNA, the constituencies happened to be “hotly-contested” areas and both are contested by the Workers’ Party in the previous General Election.

A check with the members of the 2 GRCs appear the fear is well-founded because the PAP members are very weak and possess little presence in Singapore Parliament. Geographically-wise, there is also high spillover vote from the Opposition-led Aljunied GRC. There is a possibility that the two GRCs would be lost to the WP.

Led by Minister Lim Swee Say, the East Coast GRC team include Lee Yi Shyan, Maliki Osman and Jessica Tan. The GRC is highlighted as most dangerous by CNA, which described the WP team of Dr Daniel Goh, Mr Gerald Giam, Mr Leon Perera and Mr Mohamed Fairoz Shariff, as “a relatively strong up-and-coming slate”. 3 out of the 4 in the team have an outstanding track record as a NCMP in Parliament.

The Jalan Besar GRC team is led by Yaacob Ibrahim, and comprises of Lily Neo, Heng Chee How and Denise Phua. Like the East Coast GRC team, the 3 remaining members have non-existent presence during Parliamentary debates and never once had an opinion worthy of mention.

For the last retiring Minister, Lim Hng Kiang, the West Coast GRC appears relatively safe compared to the two because the last opponent was the Reform Party, one of the weakest political parties in Singapore.