Photo from Cornerstone Community Church page

About 50 Singapore churches have came together to form a new Christian representative, Alliance of Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches of Singapore, to address domestic and international current affairs. A pastor who chose to be anonymous told States Times Review that the members are unhappy with the government-backed National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) in recent years over “several issues concerning the official position of the Christian faith”. The pastor declined to give more details, but it appears the issues include the annual gay rights event Pink Dot and the “money gospel” tactic employed by Kong Hee.

Presenting the Alliance as an “additional Christian Voice”, the new organisation is headed by several mega churches including Cornerstone Community Church and Trinity Christian Church. The chairman of the Alliance, Dominic Yeo, said:

“The body seeks to represent its members as a unified and collective front for talks with the authorities in relation to the needs of the churches, Government-led initiatives or when there is a need to address various societal issues and concerns.”

The Alliance did not explain why they are not joining the government’s NCCS.

The NCCS represent some 400 churches in Singapore, and it is openly pro-ruling party government. In the recent public hearing on Online Falsehoods, the NCCS openly supported greater censorship on the internet.