Photo of Lee Bee Wah in Parliament

In a “premium” article by state media Straits Times, it was revealed that the Yishun Stadium management has indeed switched off two of the four floodlights at 9pm during an ongoing soccer match on April 10, due to a complaint from a resident living in a nearby condominium. The match was suspended at the 69th minute because there was not enough lighting. On April 15, local independent news media TOC covered the news and sought PAP MP Lee Bee Wah’s confirmation on the resident complaint.

The next day (April 16), PAP MP Lee Bee Wah however hit out at TOC calling it a “fake news” and claimed that the blackout was due to a “technical fault”.

State media Straits Times wrote in an opinion article today (Apr 26), that requires subscription payment to view, confirming PAP MP Lee Bee Wah was lying over the shutting down of floodlights at Yishun stadium on April 10:

“When a night-time football match was abandoned earlier this month after two floodlights were turned off – apparently following complaints from nearby residents – it put the spotlight on another “competition”: the rights of those who engage in sports activities versus those of residents.

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Centre of Excellence match between its Football Academy Under-19s and Singapore Premier League side Warriors had overrun its time and was into the 69th minute at Yishun Stadium on April 10 when two of the four floodlights were turned off at 9pm.

The lights were not enough for a full game…

Local sports governing body Sport Singapore (SportSG) has taken responsibility for the incident, blaming the lack of flexibility of its staff at the facility. SportSG did not explain what prompted staff to take the action.”

PAP MP Lee Bee Wah is uncontactable for the latest update by Straits Times.