Photo of PAP MP Edwin Tong with Kong Hee

Newly-promoted Senior Minister of State Edwin Tong told state media TodayOnline yesterday (Apr 26) that he offered to resign his Vice-President position at the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) but the statutory board won’t allow him to:

“The exco (executive committee) assured me that my impending political appointments would not contravene the association’s constitution, and there would not be any conflict of interest.”

The PAP MP who had no contribution to the local football scene did not clarify how much money is he receiving as the VP of FAS. Singapore’s football is ranked at a bottom-scraping 173th in the world, and the football association was laden with corruption scandals including former PAP MP Zainudin Nordin.

Including the former lawyer of Kong Hee, the FAS currently have 4 Vice-Presidents appointed internally by ruling party cronies in the football association. A fellow vice-president of FAS, S Thaveneson, told state media:

“The committee sees him as a valuable member, and (he) can contribute to the progress of Singapore’s football. So, we told him that he should stay… We have confidence that Mr Tong can continue to fulfil his FAS role.”