Photo of SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek from Straits Times

Entitled and useless.

Singapore’s retired army generals have proven themselves to be hopeless trash screwing up state-owned companies and ministries. This isn’t fake news mind you, there are precedents and well-established evidence to prove these military junkies are utterly worthless. Let’s look at some of our most useless former army generals:

1) Lieutenant-General Ng Yat Chung
Temasek Holdings lost more than S$1 billion of Singaporeans’ CPF money when they sell off the country’s national shipping company, Neptune Orient Line (NOL), to a French conglomerate. In the 7 years from 2011 to 2017, Ng Yat Chung was CEO and drew up to US$2.7 million a year in 2013. The company went into massive losses and exactly a year after NOL was acquired by the French, NOL became profitable again. After losing his CEO job at NOL, Ng Yat Chung is now the CEO of state media Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). Under Ng Yat Chung, several newspapers stopped circulation, readership tanked, SPH share price sank, press freedom ranking remained at rock bottom and SPH is in a bigger mess than before. Whatever the former Chief of Defence Force learned in the military, business is definitely an area he shouldn’t touch.

Photo of Ng Yat Chung

2) Lieutenant-General Desmond Kuek
The SMRT CEO has announced his resignation, after screwing up SMRT for 7 years. The former Chief of Defence Force once drew salaries as high as S$2.5 million in 2015, while SMRT continued to be laden with train breakdowns and fare hikes. The useless former army general had to sell SMRT to Temasek Holdings, and relied on the government to purchase the depreciating railway assets to avoid massive losses at SMRT. Desmond Kuek had not received his “next assignment” yet, but he will likely be the CEO of another state-owned company regardless of experience. His incoming replacement, Lieutenant-General Neo Kian Hong, has zero experience in the private sector and knows next to nothing about railway business.

Photo of SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek from Straits Times

3) Brigadier General Tan Chuan Jin
As Minister of Social Development, Tan Chuan Jin denied there is an acute poverty problem among elderly and even claimed that cardboard collectors are just exercising. The callous comment may have played a part, but the increasing income inequality and bitterness on the ground cost Tan Chuan Jin his ministerial profile. Tan Chuan Jin is the first PAP Minister to be demoted to the Speaker of Parliament position, and had his salaries slashed by half to S$500,000/yr instead of the lucrative million-dollar ministerial position. The PAP ex-Minister was formerly the Minister of Manpower, but he was asked to leave the profile exactly a year after.

Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from Facebook

4) Major-General Chan Chun Sing
If you are hoping to listen to trash-talk, Chan Chun Sing is the right person to go to. The former Chief of Army is notorious for his gaffes including “kee-chiu” (raise your hand), “tio boh” (right or not?) and calling Halimah Yacob “Mdm President” before the actual corruption of the Presidential Election was legalised and took place. Chan Chun Sing “job-hopped” from being Minister of Social and Family Development, to Minister of State/NTUC chief, and now Minister of Trade and Industry. The pompous army general who have zero experience in all the profiles he took, is poised to be the next Prime Minister due to him being a crony favourite of dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong.

Photo of Major General Chan Chun Sing

5) Rear-Admiral Lui Tuck Yew
The former Chief of Navy surrendered his Transport Minister position in 2015 after he could no longer take public criticisms, leaving public transport in shambles due to his lack of experience.

Photo of Lui Tuck Yew

6) Brigadier-General Lee Hsien Loong
Enough has been said about this dishonourable son who wants to defy his father’s last wish. Lee Hsien Loong created a military junta government where army generals are recycled as CEOs and Ministers. The corrupted dictator also screwed up the CPF system so hard, resulting in massive poverty and a cost of living so high Singapore is ranked 5 times in a row for being the most expensive.

Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Google