Screenshot of Lim Swee Say from Facebook video

The hearts of 3 PAP Ministers must had sank when they were suddenly called up to leave the Cabinet. No more million-dollar-salaries. The notice was a shock to Minister Lim Swee Say, Lim Heng Kiang and Yacob Ibrahim, who now have to live on a S$192,000/yr MP salary.

It is an inconvenient truth that warranted only defamation lawsuits in Singapore: the love of money is corrupting the PAP leadership.

Military generals who have zero experience took up ministerial positions because there is nowhere their military experience could justify a million dollar paycheck. The result was disastrous. In each ministry that former army generals Chan Chun Sing, Tan Chuan Jin, and Ng Chee Meng took up, the three behaved as seat-warmers and did next to nothing as Ministers. Despite facing intense public criticisms, the three military men fortified their skin and look forward to their million dollar paycheck and bonuses.

Last year, PAP Ministers received 5.5 months in bonus, estimated at S$500,000 on average.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that he needed the million dollar salaries to retain and attract “political talents”. According to him, if there is no million dollar salaries, Ministers will become strawberries who could not shoulder the responsibility, stress and public scrutiny. However, the foolhardy son of Lee Kuan Yew created a reverse problem: Ministers who are not performing are not leaving on their own accord because of the money.

The million-dollar paycheck also created a false impression of self-importance among the PAP Ministers. Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam is the best example. The millionaire PAP Minister issues brash statements with no ministerial decorum and impose overbearing security laws in the dictatorship.

Money politics is a serious problem in Singapore as it incentives the PAP Ministers to do whatever it takes to keep their job. The love of money is attracting the wrong kind of talents like Edwin Tong, who infamously took undisclosed lawyer fees, estimated at millions, from City Harvest Church’s pastor-cheat Kong Hee. Inexperienced civil servants or military generals are also attracted to become Ministers because of the money. People with no heart to serve the country are all stepping forward and public exhibiting their loyalty to Lee Hsien Loong, so they can get easy money.

The money politics problem is especially evident from the PAP grassroots communities, with grassroots “leaders” winning lucrative government contracts.

Singaporeans need to flush out money from the political system by first recognising that million-dollar ministerial salaries is not normal, it is a form of corruption. The people need to be educated that any form of corruption can be legalised through a single party-controlled Parliament.

The polarisation of political views in Singapore is now more prevalent and that it is common that friends or family members can no longer speak amicably about politics. However, unlike other countries where debates centred around left or right and political belief leanings, Singapore’s quarrel over politics is more over moral values.

Do you support a corrupted dictatorship with big money? Pro-PAP supporters have no political beliefs. They believe in every word of their fascist dictator, Lee Hsien Loong. Lee Hsien Loong being paid a million dollar or even a billion or trillion dollar is a non-issue to them, they will always find a justification.

Contrary to public beliefs, there is no such term as an “anti-PAP” camp. It is just whether if you are anti-fascist or fascist, corrupted or anti-corrupt.

Alex Tan
STR Editor