Photo of Lily Neo from Straits Times

Speaking to state media Straits Times regarding the recent case of PAP MP Tan Wu Meng being punched, PAP MP Lily Neo claimed that she was almost attacked, by a “20-inch” (50cm) knife in her constituency in 2014. PAP MP Lily Neo alleged that the disabled resident in his wheelchair had prepared the 50cm knife in his pouch and a bag of urine to be “thrown at her face”.

The elderly man, said to be in his 50s, was waiting outside a lift she usually takes and he was stopped after a PAP member noticed him reaching for his pocket each time the lift door opens.

The uncorroborated incident was witnessed by the PAP MP and her PAP grassroots leaders only. PAP MP Lily Neo claimed that the police was called in but the elderly man was not arrested. The PAP MP then alleged that the wheelchair-bound man was angry he was not able to get a rental flat, but did not comment whether if she had met the man before:

“I was so shaken by the incident I couldn’t sleep well for three weeks, and for a long time I could not take a lift by myself.”

Other PAP MPs told Straits Times that they are always abused by residents because of government policies they voted for in Parliament. Ground sentiments against the PAP is currently very bitter, as the Lee Kuan Yew’s death effect had dispersed and the government was not able to improve the people’s quality of living.